Quiet Title

In terms of real estate, title is the right of tenure and ownership of a particular property, so to quiet title signifies taking legal action to resolve a title clash. A title dispute can take place when there are contradictory claims of possession over a piece of property. Therefore, in a quiet title action, court procedures do away with a “cloud” or possible impediment on the title to real property to decisively set up in law ownership of the possessions. This action would “quiet” any challenges or states to the title. In this case, petitioner in a quiet title action is in search of a court order that stops the respondent from making any consequent allege to the property. It is believed that quiet title actions are essential because real estate may vary hands over and over again, and it is not always straightforward to establish who has a name to the property.
A quiet title action typically takes place when there is a cloud on title, most probable from:

  • Recording predicament such as a previous lease that was never recorded.
  • Mistake in the portrayal of the property which may spread distrust on the quantity of property be in possession.
  • An easement subsisted for years but was never appropriately recorded.

FLORIDA REAL ESTATE LAW helps the individuals in initiating an action to quiet title. We help the property owner by performing following things in the local court:

  • We discover the full explanation of the property to be “quieted”.
  • We find out the name of those individuals who might be concerned about the described property as a defendant to the court case, and include sustaining facts why they have an interest in the property.
  • We give notice on behalf of the owner to all potentially concerned parties.

Because disagreements in property possession may show the way to a possible lawsuit, it is sensible to discuss with a property expert like us who have experienced property attorneys that can guide at their best.