Landlord- Tenant Issues

FLORIDA REAL ESTATE LAW represents property owners, tenants and landlords in leasing transactions ranging from simple to complex. Being a landlord or property owner is a good investment, but there are lots of risks involved in it. Moreover, we also understand a tenant’s perspective, as a landlord can create problems. Whether it is about routine lease drafting or dispute resolution, we have knowledgeable and experienced landlord tenant leasing attorneys who can assist them the best. It is our responsibility to complete all legal work and prevent our clients from experiencing needless delay and expenditure in their legal issue

Our experienced real estate litigators create solutions for both landlords and tenants. We preserve the benefits and equity of landlords working hard to run flourishing businesses while productively brings tenants comfort by providing them a stable and well-maintained home. Our dedicated and committed attorneys have considerable knowledge about real estate, property rights and contracts to help clients:

  • Outline rental leases.
  • Resolve landlord-tenant differences of opinion.
  • Evict nonpaying or irresponsible tenants.
  • Successfully protect against unreasonable evictions.
  • Demand return of security deposits that have been wrongly held.
  • Lease drafting, negotiation, review, advice.
  • Lease administration.
  • Tenant Finish and Work Letter.
  • Post-foreclosure eviction

FLORIDA REAL ESTATE LAW has legal expertise in helping potential/existing tenants and property owners/landlords to find answers of all kinds of land use regulation questions. We also deal in leasing issues involved in real estate development projects comprising of residential, commercial, retail, industrial and mix-use. Whether it is about giving advice for the tribunal process, preparing forms and documents or providing referrals, we are here to assist both tenants and landlords.